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Practice Areas

We represent both debtors and creditors in cases ranging from complex Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization proceedings to Chapter 13 individual debt adjustment plans and Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy cases filed in Santa Barbara, California and the surrounding areas. Our services include assisting clients in renegotiating their debts with their creditors to avoid the filing of a bankruptcy case or collection proceedings. We also advise and represent Chapter 11 Unsecured Creditor Committees.

What I can do for you or your business

  • Analyze your situation and explain your legal rights and options;
  • Take steps to stop lawsuits, garnishments, tax levies, foreclosures and other collection actions;
  • Vigorously represent you through all stages of the bankruptcy process, including defending you against creditors;
  • Assist you in reorganizing business and personal debt;
  • Help you get a fresh start;
  • Protect your rights as a debtor or creditor in bankruptcy proceedings.

Why you should hire a Certified Bankruptcy Law Specialist to file your bankruptcy case

In 2005 significant changes were made to the Bankruptcy Code making it more difficult for some individuals to file for certain types of bankruptcy relief. There are also additional requirements that must be met to successfully complete the bankruptcy process and obtain a discharge of your debts. Having a knowledgeable bankruptcy specialist assist you in the preparation of your paperwork and guide you through the bankruptcy process will help to insure that your matter goes through smoothly and you obtain the relief and “fresh start” that you are seeking.